Ariana Grande bursts with party tiktok players


Ariana Grande explodes against the influencers and stars of Tik Tok for not respecting the quarantine and throwing parties.

The Florida-born singer continues to promote “Positions,” her sixth studio album, with which she achieved a new # 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. The situation in the United States is not yet favorable for meetings due to the pandemic, in addition to the recent elections, but Ariana Grande sent a strong message to people who do not respect social distancing.

During an interview on the Zach Sang radio show, Ariana Grande shared her thoughts on the global situation as the health crisis continues. Due to restrictions, the singer had to set up her own home recording studio and focused her time creating new music and releasing “Positions.”

However, despite the alternatives, such as online concerts or digital releases, Ariana is not happy with the behavior of people, especially Internet celebrities who continue with their group activities as if nothing despite the warnings, so it launched a strong message to influencers.


Ariana Grande regretted that the health crisis continued until the end of the year, in addition, she could not celebrate her favorite time: Halloween, because every year she has the tradition of going to one of the Universal Studios theme park attractions, but while she stays at home, others enjoy parties.

The “7 Rings” star sent strong comments to TikTokers that last weekend, and previously, they met at the restaurant known as Saddle Ranch, a place that famous people frequent and that has been the meeting point of influencers in the last month. Ariana believes that the situation could have improved if people stayed home and avoided parties, before living their social life and updating their Instagram.

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Ariana criticized Internet stars for making everything worse, not only for ruining Halloween, but because the situation in other countries improved after citizens respected the rules of confinement.


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