Ariana Grande asks her fans to vote in elections


Ariana Grande has strong ideas when it comes to politics. On her Instagram page, the song star invites her fans to vote!

As usual, Ariana Grande tries to send messages to her fans. The young woman wants to invite them to vote on the eve of impending elections.

Well, it looks like Ariana Grande has strong political convictions all in all. In any case, she’s not afraid to shout them out loud.

She therefore uses her Instagram platform to get her messages across. This in the hope of making as many people as possible aware of the causes dear to him.

In short, she defends causes … Earlier, we told you that Ariana Grande had launched her own association in favor of animals.

This is the Orange Twin Rescue association, which she already featured in a story yesterday. Yes, the star was congratulating herself on the progress of her missions.

The star who started to eat vegan fights in animal rights and saves pigs. Aside from that, she also engages in politics, as evidenced by her last post.


In Georgia, United States, it’s time to vote for the second round of Senate elections. A decisive election, which did not escape Ariana Grande.

Also, the star invites all his Georgia fans to vote too. “It is a wonderful day to vote for Reverend Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff for the US Senate.”

The message is clear and focused: Ariana Grande therefore wants her fans to vote for these two candidates. Never mind, his fans seem to share his opinions.

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On her post, the “Thank U, Next” performer has nearly 800,000 likes on this post. In politics, Raphael Warnock is the worthy heir of Martin Luther King and therefore acts as a bulwark against the Republicans.


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