Ariana Grande as an angel on Instagram: she poses and makes the buzz!


Ariana Grande has just captivated internet users! Indeed, the singer has just published a nice picture of her on Instagram …

Putting in front of the lens is an art … And one thing is certain, Ariana Grande masters it to perfection! Indeed, the interpreter of Thank u Next has just published a sublime picture of her on Instagram! On the picture, the artist wears beautiful angel wings and a very glamorous make up!

Many people have responded to this publication! Indeed, the post already has almost 3 million likes and thousands of comments! We let you admire the photo in question below! Sublime, is not it?

With 168 million subscribers on Instagram, Ariana Grande is one of the most followed people in the world! Each of his publications created which automatically buzz! Once is not customary, this time, it is a picture of her disguised as an angel that makes people talk! And the least we can say is that they seem to appreciate the originality of Ariana’s photo! Thus, thousands of comments are present under the post!

Indeed, fans of Ariana Grande have mobilized in the comments to compliment their favorite star. “You’re too beautiful on this picture! I love your makeup … and even your look! You really have an incredible presence! ” Or. “I love this picture you are really too beautiful! Your little angel’s wings are going really well, it’s cute! Anyway everything suits you, you’re always beautiful whatever you wear! Can we read on the web? Words that will please Ariana Grande!


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