Ariana Grande: 5 Cool Things About Her Documentary!


Ariana Grande’s documentary is available on Netflix! So we immediately reveal 5 amazing things about this document!

Ariana Grande’s documentary is finally available on Netflix. So, we immediately recap the 5 amazing things that this docu reveals to us.

After Shawn Mendes but also Taylor Swift, it is the turn of singer Ariana Grande to be put in the spotlight through a Netflix documentary.

Yes, “Ariana Grande: excuse me, i love you” has been available since December 21 on the video-on-demand platform.

The opportunity to follow this pop icon through his incredible 2019 world tour, the “Sweetener World Tour”. Crazy, right?

Yes, “excuse me, i love you”, is therefore the result of more than nine months of tour, rich in emotions for the artist.

And frankly, just for that, this documentary is worth the detour.

But this docu also teaches us a lot about Ariana Grande and her universe.

So, we immediately give you a recap of the 5 amazing things that his documentary revealed to us!


Discovering Ariana Grande’s daily life for 9 months teaches us a lot, obviously a lot about her, her world, her entourage but also her show.

Yes, “excuse me, i love you”, allowed us to discover in more detail the universe in which this pop icon revolves.

In particular, we discover that Ariana Grande’s mother plays a very important role in her career. Yes, Joan Grande is often seen in the background in this documentary. So we understand that she keeps an eye on everything, and remains the greatest support of her daughter. Awesome !

The second thing we learned from this docu: the special effects of his shows are just crazy. Indeed, the visuals created by his lighting team are incredible! We are a fan!

Third point: Ariana Grande is very close to her team. Yes, in “excuse me, i love you”, we discover how warm and attentive the interpreter of “Thank u next” is to her team. And that is great!

Fourth point: in “excuse me, i love you”, Ariana Grande admits to being vulnerable. Yep, the singer is sometimes scared since the suicide bombing in Manchester.

Finally, Ariana Grande is also very close to her fans. Yes, fame does not seem to have risen to his head, on the contrary. Thus, at the end of her shows, the pretty brunette always thanks her fans. And that is awesome!

In short, a report to see to learn more about our favorite singer!


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