Argued that XRP Could Not Be Valid Currency


Pioneering Google’s venture capital investment in Ripple, the technology entrepreneur expressed his views on the crypto asset XRP. In a new interview with TechCrunch, Digg co-founder Kevin Rose said that it is possible to relieve companies with blockchain technology by providing an institutional and legal way to direct payments using technology with Ripple.

Rose pioneered the 2013 Ripple investment by Google Ventures. The amount deposited by the famous name to Ripple was not specified.

Money Transfer and XRP
As for the cryptocurrency, XRP, Rose says she suspects she will emerge as a valid currency in the long run. Instead, he says Ripple has long planned to use digital assets to resolve global transfers. Rose says:

“I have never seen Ripple [XRP] usage status as a currency. I think this will be used as a way to handle settlement in a capacity.1

Ripple launched the liquidity product called ODL in late 2018. ODL uses XRP to help financial institutions move money across borders. Rose believes that the cryptocurrency will be widely used in the world of cross-border payments.


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