Arguably The Weirdest Application Developed For Android: Nothing


More than 1 million downloads in the Google Play Store are confusing. It is stated that this application named “Nothing”, that is “Nothing”, does nothing and it should be expected that its next update.

With the development of the smart phone industry and the widespread use of the internet, the mobile application industry gained great importance. The developers make their livelihoods with the applications they offer to the services of the users and offer the users sometimes educational and sometimes entertaining experiences.

The Android operating system, launched by the US-based technology giant Google, has a large application store. This store, called “Google Play Store”, contains millions of applications. Users can access apps that only a few know, as well as the world’s most popular social media platforms.

Now we will introduce you to one of the perhaps strangest apps available on the Google Play Store. This application, called “Nothing”, that is “Nothing”, has been developed to give the name its right. When you install and run the application on your phone, you cannot see anything. You only see a screen that says “Nothing” on a white background.

The only event of this application is “Nothing”?
The developer of the application says that the application does nothing. This developer, who we think is confused, has made the last update of the application on December 25, 2018. So if there are users who have already downloaded this application and are waiting to update, they can choose not to wait in vain.

The application in question has been downloaded more than 1 million times on the Google Play Store and is available for free. Some users commenting on the application say that after running the application, nothing happens, but according to some users, the application is not as empty as it seems. Some users say that after shaking their phones, they encounter different things like counter or GIF.

So before downloading this application, which is not fully understood, please do not ignore that you may encounter some risks.


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