Argentine Twitch Star Sprin Banned: “This is bullshit”


Ivan “Spread” Buhajeruk, an Argentine streaming star who is rapidly moving up the career ladder, has been banned from Twitch. This is his first ban, and he called the suspension “nonsense.”

Sprin may not ring the bell for the Western audience, but for the Spanish-speaking part of Twitch, he is a phenomenon.

Buhajeruk, with its 5.7 million subscribers, collects tens of thousands on stream and is primarily known for its Minecraft content. However, all future content plans on the Amazon-owned platform were halted after it was banned on October 19.

The star does not know the exact reasons why — the last time he was live on October 18 — but he will have to wait out the wave between now and then.

“Don’t come up with reasons for the ban, it has nothing to do with what they say,” Sprin wrote on Twitter. “This is nonsense that we are already solving privately, but I still don’t know what will happen.

“You know how it is. Please be patient. I’m going to take the opportunity to continue some projects.”


The duration of the Spread ban is unknown, but as soon as the Twitch star returns to the platform, you can bet that everything will be said about the suspension.


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