Argentina earthquake is felt in Brazil; damage images


That Monday (18), a 6.4-degree earthquake hit Argentina at 11:46 pm (Brasília time) and caused damage in the areas near the epicenter, in the city Pocito, north of Mendonza and south of San Juan.

The quakes, measured preliminarily by the United States Geological Survey, were also felt in Santiago (Chile) and Santa Maria (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil). In addition, there are reports from residents of São Paulo about the effects of the phenomenon.

There are no records of deaths, announced the National Institute for Seismic Prevention. With a depth of only 20 kilometers, the event is considered shallow and, therefore, with greater potential for damage – even though significant problems have not been accounted for.

In any case, La Plata, Buenos Aires, Cordoba, San Juan, Rosario and Mendoza are among the regions that have suffered the consequences.

Sergio Uñac, governor of San Juan, asked the population to calm down on his Twitter. “We will put into practice all the measures we have learned to prevent incidents. Our commitment is to know the extent of the impacts of the earthquake in question and to collaborate with whatever is necessary,” said the official.

The province joined the civil and security forces to provide the necessary responses, as well as those responsible for the municipalities, added Sergio.


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