Are you ready for the second season of Sweet Tooth on Netflix? See how the actors (and Bobby) celebrate the end of filming and the “Amazing Adventure”; Come


Adaptations can be successful or unsuccessful in any genre, and as a big fan of Jeff Lemire’s dark and complex comic series “Sweet Tooth,” I admit I’m worried about how Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey are shooting live action for Netflix. But then director and showrunner Jim Mickle and the rest of the stellar creative team knocked everything out of the rut, and Christian Convery’s Gus is just adorable (necessarily so), and we need season 2 as soon as possible! But for now, the joyful and slightly teasing video below is enough.

As part of its Geeked Week promotion, Netflix released a video in which the main cast of Sweet Tooth celebrate the end of filming season 2, as well as some general hype about what fans can expect to see when the show resumes with Gus, the Big Man. , Aimee, Wendy and the rest. Otherwise, you KNOW I’m talking about Bobby and his cute ass. Check it out!

Will everyone else agree after watching that watching the work of Bobby’s puppeteers does not dispel the cute nature of the little Munchkin in any way. I kind of want to say, “I want Bobby,” but I feel like that’s going to be problematic within the framework of this story. And still…

In any case, given the narrative parameters of the post-apocalyptic setting of “Sweet Tooth”, the series is not a meager enterprise, so it is clear that it takes time to shoot everything, and that season 2 did not come out six weeks after the end of the first season. Cliffhanger depressant. (Despite this logic, I’m still partial to General Abbot Neil Sandilands’ accusation that he made things take longer than necessary because this dude is effectively destroying good things and/or hope.) Fans can no doubt live vicariously through the cast. and the team is in their jubilation over the fact that season 2 has become one step closer to its audience.

Sandilands appeared in the video to say that fans are waiting for a “treat,” but if he approaches things from an Abbott-spoiled point of view, it probably means that the end of the world has come for Hybrids. Which, to be honest, was already implied when the story concluded its first chapter with live action.

I fully support Sweet Tooth’s behind-the-scenes fun advertising campaign, as it just helps to make the show and its characters’ relationships even warmer. The producers warned the actors that Netflix had renewed the series for a 2nd season by sending everyone chocolate bars with a message written on the candies. It’s the best way to get any message across, so if Netflix wants to send it out to everyone who watched Season 1 so we know when to expect a sequel, I’d like it to be a chocolate batch. (I know Gus or Wendy would laugh at that, I just know it.)

Sweet Tooth (opens in a new tab) Season 2 will be sent to Netflix subscribers at some point in the near future, and it is not yet known when it will appear, given the wording “Soon” in the promo. In the meantime, check out everything on the way in the Netflix premiere schedule for 2022.