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The famous composer Max Richter, with his album called Sleep, released in 2015, made a kind of homage to sleep, which has an important place in human life. The 204-song album, which people can listen to while sleeping, meditating or working focused, showed that it is a complete sleep companion with a total of 8 hours and 24 minutes. This extraordinary experience offered by the album now gains a different meaning with a mobile application bearing the same name as the album. This article contains comments and information about the Sleep by Max Richter application.

The application, which is prepared with the consultancy of sleep experts, offers the opportunity to transform the songs in Sleep into a customizable experience, and includes previously unheard parts of the album. While providing Sleep users the opportunity to assist in sleep, meditation and focus; It is also a kind of diary where users can keep track of these actions. Records of sleep, meditation or focus sessions performed with the application can be viewed through the application.

There are many apps that promise to help people sleep or focus. However, in most of these applications, a certain fee is required to benefit from all services. In Max Richter’s Sleep, no such fee is requested from users. However, in order to benefit from the application, you need to be a Spotify Premium or Apple Music subscriber. In short, users are not required to pay an extra fee as there is already a fee payment condition.

It is possible to say that Sleep was designed in the format of “a journey in the universe”. Users discover a new region in their universe with each session they complete. This journey is accompanied by the music of Max Richter. For sleep sessions, users are asked to set a time for the alarm to go off, while a general time is set for focus and meditation sessions. The session ends when the wake-up time or the specified time comes However, it is useful to remind that the sessions can be ended manually even before the determined time comes.

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Sleep also helps to start the day well

It is necessary to say that Sleep does not only help you fall asleep and it also supports you in starting the day well. As the determined wake-up time approaches, Max Richter’s special notes, which can only be heard in this application, are rising from the phone. Thus, it is possible to have a soft start to the day.

Sleep helps those who have trouble sleeping or focus, or those who want to relax with the notes of a talented composer.


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