“Are you going to protect me?” — Prince Harry and His Loyalty Tests Are Getting Tiresome, Says an Expert


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are a brand in their own right. Since they came out of the royal family and became the architects of their future, countless people have criticized and commented on them. In fact, the massive support and alliance they received at the initial stages of Megxit has dramatically decreased. The self-exiled couple may have reached an all-time low in their lives, given the rampant controversy surrounding them.

Earlier this week, close friend and mentor Oprah Winfrey excluded Meghan Markle and Prince Harry from her guest list. The world-famous journalist celebrated her 69th birthday with great pomp and pageantry. However, the Duchess was nowhere to be seen. This caused quite a few surprises, given their close alliance since the rejection of the Palace. All this was called a PR move and was done in order to prevent disagreements. The British expert has a theory for us about this.

Prince Harry and his ongoing tests are tiring, says British expert

Valentine Lowe, a well-known British commentator, believes that the Duke and Duchess are “obsessed with the media.” He holds the view that Prince Harry drinks beer with the British media, and moreover, he does everything possible to achieve this. Lowe further claims that news channels and reporters often asked him to leave things as they are and make amends. However, he never listened. At the moment, he is tired of his endless ranting about the anti-royal agenda.

The U.K. TIMES author also stated in his book that Prince Harry needs constant reassurance. His feud with the royal family was based on just one question: “Are you going to protect me?”. According to him, such loyalty checks have been going on for centuries. In fact, he claimed they were more serious when Meghan Markle didn’t come into his life. Speaking about the palace, the journalist claims that the Sovereigns of Great Britain could have known that this fight was not worth it.

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