Are Taylor Swift’s Legs Really Secured?


Taylor Swift and her $ 40 million legs! This is all we know of the latest rumor surrounding the singer.

Taylor Swift, like many celebrities, is no stranger to the scandalous rumors that spread about her in the tabloids. From made-up or exaggerated disputes with fellow singers to misreporting that she was pregnant, Swift has learned to take gossip in stride.

It was the National Enquirer who started the rumor that Swift had her legs insured for $ 40 million. That’s 20 million per leg. Despite coming from a notoriously unreliable source, this tale had its own legs and quickly spread through other publications.

Although the “Cardigan” performer, and certainly most people, would probably say that her legs are priceless, there is a logical reason for putting in a number. After all, how much could you lose if you had to cancel a tour due to a leg injury?

That’s a serious loss of income for the singer, who makes a large chunk of her estimated $ 320 million net worth from her live concerts. As realistic as it sounded, Swift’s portrayal quickly denied all of those claims as nonsense.

Taylor Swift debunks the rumor

The singer later addressed the rumor herself by having a little fun with it. After Meredith Gray, one of her Scottish Fold cats, scratched her thigh, she posted on her Instagram: “Good job Meredith, I was just trying to love you and now you owe me $ 40 million.”

The post has since been removed and Olivia Benson, Swift’s friendliest cat and a witness to the crime, could not be reached for comment. Do you think Swift should secure her legs? Leave us your thoughts in the comment box!


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