Are Samsung’s Happy Days in the 5G Market Ending?


Could the happy days of South Korean manufacturer Samsung, which is among the leaders of 5G technology, will be left behind? When we look at the latest situation of the market, this possibility is not less.

With the advent of 5G technology to smartphones, almost every company tried to get a share in this market. Until now, Samsung has been the most important actor and worldwide leader of the market.

After the trade wars between China and the US, the US had considerably restricted the movement of Chinese producers. In this process, Samsung, which launched the new 5G devices, took the market with almost no difficulty. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the technology market worldwide slowed down considerably. In the second half of the year, the market is expected to start to recover. In this process, Samsung will face another serious opponent: Apple.

iPhone comes 5G

With the advent of Apple’s next-generation devices, we will see the first 5G iPhone models. After the American sanctions, the Huawei group drew a new road map for itself and started to progress accordingly.

The global 5G market is growing steadily, and 15% of this year’s smartphone sales were smartphone sales. That’s about 235 million devices. On the other hand, Huawei is shown as the winner of this year in global sales.

According to the analysis, although the Chinese company will not enter the US market, it does very well in the rest of the world. According to estimates, Huawei will realize 27.3% of this year’s 5G powered device sales. This means 65 million smartphones.

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5G Market Will Mix Now

According to the expectations of Strategy Analytics, Apple will grab the second largest slice of the cake after Huawei. The company’s market share is expected to be 21.4%. The current leader, Samsung, will take third place with a market share of 17.8%.

When we look at 2021, we see that the predictions for Samsung have become even more pessimistic. The projected market share of the company is shown as 15% for next year. Considering that the market will reach a volume of 600 million devices next year, Samsung is not expected to achieve the desired growth.

Global 5G competition is getting pretty tight. Even more companies will step into this market in the future. The market seems to be quite shaken until this technology becomes standard. We will see who will be the winner after all.


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