Are Pokemon Scarlet Professor Violetta Sada Tura named after trees


The names of Pokemon professors Scarlet and Violet, Sada and Touro seem to violate a long-standing Pokemon agreement to name professors after tree species. From the earliest parts of the series, professors in Pokemon games were called with words such as Oak, Rowan and Sycamore, while the names of these characters in future releases do not immediately seem similar to any trees or other flora. This is also the first pair of games in which there is a separate professor for each title: Sada appears in Scarlet, and Turo appears in Violet.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are due to be released on November 18, 2022 and seem to have taken a step away from the proven formula of the past. Instead, it turned into an open world to compete with Pokémon Legends: Arceus and continue the bold new path started by this game. The games demonstrate the biggest departure from the traditions of the main games, and a joint online game for 4 players will be a key feature of the release.

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The names of the professors, Sada and Touro, are unlike any obvious types of trees, at least known as such in the West. Although there is such a plant as the Sadabahar plant, it does not seem to affect the professor’s name. Thanks to the key concept of the game about time, the Spanish region and Pokemon variants, it can be deciphered that the characters are named after the corresponding time periods: Pasada (meaning the past) and Futuro (meaning the future). This can be seen in their choice of clothing: Sadi’s clothes look like the clothes of a primitive hunter, and Thuro’s clothes look especially sci-fi. They also resemble the respective legendary heroes of the games, Corydon and Miraydon, whose names also play on the dynamics of the past and the future, demonstrating their close connection with the basic concepts of these games.

Pokemon professors Scarlet and Violet will abandon traditions

Although the first Pokemon professors were named directly after trees such as elm, birch and rowan, the series began to deviate slightly from this tradition with Pokémon Sun and Moon, with a popular Alolan professor named Kukui, which means “candle tree” in Hawaiian. Using the language of the culture on which the games were based allows the character to be more closely associated with the region. This followed Scarlet and Violet, whose characters really embody their games. The characters seem to have a stronger presence and purpose than the previous professors, as evidenced by their strong resemblance to the legendary exclusive versions. The fact that they are named according to the basic concept of time in games and named in the language of the region shows that professors symbolize their worlds in a way that no professor has ever done before.

The departure from the tradition of tree names represents a larger change in the series as a whole. The gameplay and graphics of Scarlet and Violet are far from the latest mainstream games, Sword and Shield, which some Pokemon fans hate even now. Instead, the games will use an open world system in which Pokemon will be visible in the real world. This is the biggest evolution in the gameplay since the transition to the games of the 3DS era, Pokémon X and Y. The change in professor naming conventions symbolizes this change as developers seek to explore new ideas and develop games in new directions.

Understanding the names of the new Pokemon professors is the key to understanding their role in the upcoming games. Names have always played an important role in Pokemon games, and the new names don’t seem to be any different. The names of the legendary Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Koraydon and Miraydon, come from the Japanese words “korai” (meaning the ancient past) and “mirai” (meaning the future). The juxtaposition of the past and the future will clearly be the central element of the narrative in the new games.

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