Are Meghan Markle and Harry ready to make a comeback?


Meghan Markle and Harry could they make their comeback on social networks? The couple assumed so in a recent interview.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have deserted social networks. Since moving to Los Angeles, the former princely couple have decided to live in the shadows.

A new life they had been hoping for since the arrival of their little Archie. It must therefore be said that the couple had initially planned to settle in Canada, but they preferred to backtrack in order to go to California.

In a recent interview with Fast Company, Harry and Meghan therefore told the outlet that they might make a comeback on social media. At least they raised the possibility.

“We will therefore come back to social networks when it seems relevant to us. Right now we are putting all of our energy into learning. And above all we want to help. That’s all, ”said the couple. And that’s not all.

In response to a question from a reporter, Prince Harry said he did not want to take to social media. Not even to promote their social commitments.


Subject to the craziest rumors, Harry and Meghan returned to the words of the newspaper Rupert Murdoch, which said in its edition that the couple was leaving social networks. “So we didn’t already have any social media of our own, so we were surprised reading this,” they said.

And that’s not all. The princely couple went on to say they had not had social media for more than ten months. “It’s been several months since we deserted them. It was surprising to read all of this. ”

The couple still wanted to qualify their remarks. They recognize that social networks such as Twitter and Instagram can bring people together. “It is vital for every human being to connect with the world. We design it, ”they argued. “We can debate anything. Have opinions. Different points of view, ”continued Meghan Markle.

The American actress therefore blames social media for trivializing violence. And thus authorize certain degrading behaviors which are not appropriate. “So there is extreme violence. And the truth is often distorted, ”Archie’s mom said.

“If people say things about you that are wrong then it will impact your sanity. But also your emotions. It’s logic. Whether you are 15 or 25, it has an impact, ”concluded Meghan Markle.


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