Are Meghan Markle and Harry distant cousins?


They are therefore not that different, in themselves … Indeed, Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry would in fact be distant cousins!

Fun fact: Meghan Markle and Harry are both cousins! Yes, here is a very surprising news, after all. Yet crucial information for the two young spouses, married for 4 years already.

As we know, Prince Harry panicked all of Buckingham by imposing his beautiful wife. Yes, Meghan Markle does not have blue blood, a priori.

So it’s not all that surprising that everyone in the Windsor clan looks askance at her. Although Camilla and Kate were not originally of noble blood either.

However, both are British, unlike the American actress. Considered to be a diamond eater, Archie’s mom gets a bad press.

Still, it looks like she has a much better pedigree than previously thought. Indeed, the Duchess of Sussex is said to be linked to Harry, and not just through the sacred bonds of marriage.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are therefore actually cousins. Both share common branches in their respective trees.


Meghan Markle’s lineage, like that of Prince Charles’s son, can be traced back hundreds of years. On closer inspection, the ramifications come together at one point.

The Duchess’s father, Thomas Markle, is linked to a certain Ralph Bowes. The latter bequeathed his land to his son, Sir George Bowes, who will perpetuate his name.

Ralph Bowes, the patrilineal ancestor of Meghan Markle, was therefore a gentleman of the British crown. He was the Grand Sheriff of County Durham.

An ancestor that she therefore has in common with her husband, Prince Harry. Having said that, 3rd degree cousins ​​and beyond are very common around the world, and we are genetically related to quite a few people!


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