Are Meghan Markle and Harry close to Kamala Harris?


Did you know ? Meghan Markle and Harry are very close to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Since moving to Los Angeles, Meghan Markle and Harry have made many friends. And among them, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Previously, the Royals were very close to Michelle and Barack Obama. And this time around, it turns out that Meghan and Harry are so very close to Joe Biden. Just that.

Indeed, Elle magazine states in its UK edition that Joe and Jill Biden have a close relationship with the British military. And especially with Harry. We explain

Elle magazine learns that the Biden co-created the “Joining Forces” with former First Lady Michelle Obama. Jill Biden has always highlighted the work done by Prince Harry.

Since 2013, Harry and Meghan Markle have volunteered a lot of their time for the military. Harry met Michelle Obama at the White House in 2013, so they discussed it together. Harry hosted a reception in Washington in 2013 to receive ex-veterans wounded in combat.

And that was when Meghan Markle and Harry first met Jill Biden. This meeting was repeated the following year. The prince has decided to boost his public image with an official trip to the Warrior Games.


On Wednesday, January 20, during the long-awaited inauguration of Joe Biden, Meghan Markle and Harry were therefore present. The couple who were not seen by the photographers were still around …

When the First Lady went alone to the 2014 Invictus Games in London, Joe Biden had a little joke in the press. “Jill went to London for the Games. She is really spending too much time with Prince Harry. It’s almost suspect! ”

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Joe Biden, who shared this humorously, is therefore on friendly terms with Prince Harry. For her part, Jill Biden spoke a lot about her adopted son, Beau, who had fought in Iraq.

Joe Biden’s wife has therefore always been very proud to be the mother of a soldier. She therefore decided to support the cause of ex-soldiers, soldiers and their families.

Since then, it is rumored that Meghan and Harry are therefore regularly going to Washington. In order to meet Joe and Jill Biden. The princely couple have therefore made many friends in the United States.


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