Are Kaia Gerber and Jacob Elordi dating?


The model Kaia Gerber and the actor Jacob Elordi have been very close and affectionate, several fans think that they started dating in a romantic plan, could it be that they are a couple?

The works starring Elordi have been a complete success, from the series ‘Euphoria’ on the HBO network, to her participation in the Netflix proforma with the film series ‘The Kissing Booth’.

The Australian actor has sparked a string of dating rumors after ending his affair with Joey King, “The Kissing Booth” setmate; The handsome model has also been photographed lovingly with Zendaya, her colleague in ‘Euphoria’, but they never confirmed their romance.

Now, Jacob Elordi returns to the headlines for unleashing rumors of an alleged relationship with the super model Kaia Gerber, on multiple occasions these two stars have been caught enjoying time together and at quite important moments in their lives.

Recently, the daughter of Cindy Crawford and Jacob Elordi were surprised by the paparazzi cameras as they left the exclusive and luxurious Nobu restaurant, located in the city of Malibu in California. Apparently they decided to go out to relax a bit and have a delicious dinner with a very special company.

Another occasion that could confirm that the native of the city of Brisbane and Kaia are dating, is that he was a special guest at the birthday party of the model. On September 3, the figure of the catwalks turned 19 years old and a video of the celebration circulates on different social networks, in which Jacob sings “happy birthday to you”.

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Internet users quickly began to speculate about Elordi’s breakup with Zendaya, that he would be giving himself a new chance in love with Kaia getting to know each other more and dating in a romantic plan.

So far neither of them have spoken about it, but several of their mutual friends have declared that the actor from ‘The Kissing Booth’ is interested in the model and that they have a great time together, even that their personalities are very compatible and they enjoy the same activities.


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