Are Jimin and V Really Struggling?


Jimin and V have always gotten along but now there could be a problem at BTS. BTS’s appearance on I-LAND has been eagerly awaited by fandom ARMY and reality trainees.

In addition to coming there to notify the upcoming challenge and give gifts, BTS also encouraged and advised the I-LANDers (named after the I-LAND trainees).

K is one of the trainees whose problems are discussed by the BTS members.

What about Jimin and V from BTS?
K admitted that he lacked confidence in his face, he felt that he was not handsome compared to other trainees.

At first, Jimin, V, and all the BTS members seemed to have a hard time understanding the K problem.

Suga and J-Hope immediately encouraged and assured K that he had nothing to worry about.

Suga joked while using himself as an example, “Even someone like me can debut.”

Later, V joined in giving advice saying that a person’s attractiveness is more than just faces. She also said that good looks and charm are different.

Hearing this, Suga immediately interrupted V: “You can say that because you are already handsome and charming.”


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