Are Jessica Thivenin and Manon Marsault ready to bury?


Manon Marsault spoke on Snapchat and she seems to want to reconcile with her longtime friend, Jessica Thivenin.

Jessica Thivenin and Manon Marsault had been cold for several weeks. However, things seem to have calmed down.

The rumor said that the argument started from the fact that Julien Tanti had left Manon Marsault for a drink with Jessica Thivenin and Thiabult Garcia.

However, if the young woman was in great shape the instant this happened, she surely wouldn’t have reacted that way.

Indeed, the beautiful brunette was ill and that’s probably what outraged her. Especially since Jessica Thivenin had fun filming him while he was a little drunk.


Since this story, Jessica Thivenin and Manon Marsault would no longer be friends. However, we imagine that the tensions between the two mothers have subsided. Since then, water has flowed under the bridges!

In addition, Julien Tanti’s sweetheart left a little clue in the Story of her Snapchat account. Thus, the latter has just promoted a product of the Bbryance brand. As a reminder, this company is co-managed by Thibault Garcia and Shanna Kress.

While it’s not exactly glaring, it’s already a huge step forward the young woman has taken. Indeed, this reaction from Manon Marsault means a lot. Let’s not forget that Jessica Thivenin and Manon Marsault have always forgiven each other until now.

Let’s hope that their efforts continue so that we can finally see them as close-knit as they once were, on social media and on screen.

For that, it will of course be necessary to wait for the next season of the Marseillais. However, filming has not yet started. To be continued !

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