Are BTS reviving conversations about their military service?


Will BTS be exempt from conscription? New suspicions have arisen, but HYBE finds out what is really going on in the company’s conversations with some politicians.

Various alternatives and possibilities have been discussed for a long time when it came to the military service of the members of the K-Pop group BTS. Due to the success of the band and the impact they have had on the whole world, some believe that suspending their work at the moment may not be the best idea, however, negotiations have not determined what will happen.

Just a few weeks ago, new presidential elections were held in South Korea, and with the arrival of the new administration, it is also expected that changes will occur in many aspects, but recently this has again caused comments about the enrollment of BTS.

It was recently reported that Ahn Chul-soo, the head of the new president’s transition committee, will visit the HYBE building this week and hold important talks with company members about the military service of K-Pop idols?


As soon as there were reports that a former member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea would visit HYBE facilities, suspicions began, but it was also said that one of the conversations they would have would be related to BTS.

Earlier, he indicated that the members of this group were considered eligible for exemption from military service, so it was again indicated that this is the topic that he will discuss with the company, is it true? HYBE reacted to the rumors.


A company representing groups such as BTS, TXT, SEVENTEEN and others noted that it was true that members of President-elect Yoon Seok-yee’s transition committee contacted them to be able to meet, however, not all that was true because they denied that the main topic for discussion at this The meeting is BTS military service.

In addition, they clarified that the date of this meeting has not yet been chosen, so they denied that it would happen in just a few days.

At Nation Rex, we’ll keep you updated on BTS news as it’s going to be an exciting month for ARMY.

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