Are BABYMONSTER Not Impressed With Their Dancing Abilities? Here’s How People React


The new female group YG BABYMONSTER presented their first dance performance before the debut!

But although some were impressed, people claimed that the video did not meet their expectations for THESE reasons.

That’s what people say.

BABYMONSTER presented a cover version of the dance performance “Senile”

on January 19, YG Entertainment demonstrated the “universal” skills of BABYMONSTER in a clip with a dance performance!

A video of a dance practice was uploaded to the agency’s official YouTube channel, which shows the first five participants of BABYMONSTER — Ruka, Haram, Asa, Rora and Ahyeon.

In the black-and-white video, the idols, who will soon debut, were dressed in tracksuits and covered their faces with panama hats.

Despite the mysterious aura they exuded, the stunning look in their eyes when they started showing off a powerful dance cover of Young Money’s song “Senile” was obvious.

The participants especially attracted the attention of the audience with their sharp movements, which demonstrate their individuality, confidence and the aura of “girly love”.

The unique steps were delivered by Leejung Lee, a professional YGX dancer who became a star after “Street Woman Fighter”.

Despite this, the five participants really demonstrated their impressive dancing abilities, containing the unique energy of hip-hop YG and making them light and smooth. For a team consisting mostly of teenagers, their skills were indeed above average.

BABYMONSTER divided in opinion regarding dance skills

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After the uploaded video, it immediately gained 3.2 million views, 11 hours after its release.

Several fans left comments praising their dancing abilities, emphasizing their precise but smooth movements and powerful aura, as expected from the group from YG.

  • “I’m completely shocked by how good these young girls are.”
  • “Look at this footwork.”
  • “These kids are really acting like monsters.”
  • “The performance is outstanding. Their precision and accuracy were really impressive.”

However, some fans were not as enthusiastic as others after watching the clip with the dance number. There are viewers who stressed that the movements of the five participants were not synchronized as they should be. Other netizens also claimed that BABYMONSTER shone with his personality, but their harmony in the team is a “mess.”

In addition, opinions are expressed that, given that the group consists of members who have been training for more or less four years, their performance is simply “good” and not too “shocking”, unlike other YG artists.

  • “The composition seems old.”
  • “Dancing a little… they shouldn’t have uploaded it.”
  • “It’s too average.
  • ” “I want to watch a group of kids rehearsing before their solo concert.”

Some netters have blamed YG for the debut of BABYMONSTER, consisting mainly of 15-year-olds, the youngest of whom is expected to be 13 and he will turn 14.

  • “13 or 14 is not the right age for a debut…”
  • “They were real babies. It would be better to imagine them as adults.”
  • “Nothing new, nothing wow.”

Meanwhile, BABYMONSTER is YG’s first new girl group in about seven years after BLACKPINK. Specific information, such as the debut form, the final number of people and the concept, is still unknown.


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