Archie Manning’s Reaction to Ole Miss’s Appearance in the College World Series


Ole Miss Rebels are one win away from completing a fabulous run.

As one of the last teams to participate in the NCAA men’s baseball tournament, the Rebels are now on the cusp of their first national championship. They are one win away after Saturday’s 10-3 win over Oklahoma.

Before Ole Miss won the first game, one of the most famous graduates of the school commented on the “incredible trip” of his alma mater.

Archie Manning is better known for his praise on the field, but the legendary quarterback also played shortstop for the Rebels when they participated in one of the school’s six College World Series games in 1969. According to Chris Singleton of the Mississippi Clarion Ledger, he is following the success of his old program at Manning Passing Academy this weekend.

“I’ve heard from all my old baseball buddies,” Manning said. “Some of them even sent me some photos, so we’re all shouting ‘Hoddy Toddy!’ We’re fighting for the rebels.”

Manning described the importance of the school going the distance, but he doesn’t lose sight of their opponent.

“This is going to be a special occasion for the whole Ole Miss family,” Manning said. “It’s going to be great for Mississippi State. Mississippi State won the national championship last year. If Ole Miss wins it this year, Mississippi State will be the king of college baseball, but I have to tell you that the Oklahoma team is very tough and very good.”

Ole Miss can finish work on Sunday at 3:00 p.m. ET in Game 2, broadcast on ESPN. A win in Oklahoma will result in a winner-take-all on Monday night.