Archaeologists Find A Bottle Of Witch From The American Civil War


In archaeological research by the University of William & Mary, a bottle from the American Civil War was found. The bottle, which is full of nails, is supposed to be a “witch bottle” prepared with the thought that it will repel the evil spirits and the witches’ curse at that time.

A bottle that emerged during archaeological studies in the state of Virginia in the US may not mean much at first, but researchers from the University of William & Mary, the witch, representing a kind of talisman to repel evil spirits, of the bottle thought to have remained from the American Civil War. bottle “thinks.

The research team found the bottle in a fortification area called Redoubt 9, which was built in 1861 by the Confederation Troops and later occupied by the Troops. The bottle, located near a stove, is about 13 centimeters tall, 8 cm wide and made in Pennsylvania. The bottle is thought to have been placed by a Union soldier, possibly during the occupation by Pennsylvania cavalry.

Witch bottle made centuries ago
One of the researchers, Joe Jones, said archaeologists thought it was unusual when he found the bottle, but were unsure what it was. The researchers initially guessed that the troops of the Union were hiding nails in the bottle to repair the building after the Confederate attacks. However, the fact that the bottle was located near a stove and had nails in it showed that it could serve a ritual.

“There was a lot of loss and fear at that time. Troop soldiers were an invading force in enemy territory for much of the war. So there were a lot of bad spirits and energies to be kidnapped.” says. Hidden witch bottles dating back centuries were also found in homes in London. It is stated that the tradition originated from England, then spread to North America with British immigrants and lasted until the 20th century.

In the 16th and 17th centuries, if a person thought he was cursed by a witch, he would fill a glass or ceramic bottle with nails, and sometimes with human hair or urine. Then he buried under or near his hearth in his home, and it was thought that the heat of the hearth would force the witch to disconnect. It was believed that the bottle would break after the malicious person died.


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