Arch Manning Lands New Ranking: The Reaction of the College Football World


On Monday, On3 Sports updated its ranking of the top college graduates for the class of 2023, and five-star Texas commit Arch Manning still holds the top spot.

In Charles Power ‘s report on the outstanding personality of Isadore Newman , he writes:

Has a clean throwing movement with one of the fastest throws we’ve seen from a high school quarterback prospect. This mechanics is combined with a strong hand … Has the ability to destroy enemy defenses from inside the pocket or outside the structure when something breaks. Demonstrates an innate vision of the field for his age with the ability to find open receivers while playing with a secondary reaction. The athlete is above average for this position with honed footwork and the ability to gain yards in scrum situations. He filled out a large frame during his school career, entering the junior class… It also carries a significant mental burden for the junior quarterback responsible for installing the defense.

The world of college football reacted to the Arch Manning update on social media.

“Archibald Charles Manning. Unanimously No. 1 among all recruits. 1 out of 3 QB has held 1.0000 ever. Committing the Texas Longhorn. The destroyer of the feelings of an adult,” one of the users replied.

“Manning has had a HUGE impact on the Texas class,— said Chad Simmons of On3.

“But I was told he’s a glorified 3-star,” a Longhorns fan tweeted.

“Who really thought this would change??” another laughed.

“He doesn’t set up camps.”

“QB1,— commented Sam Spiegelman.

Manning arrives on the Texas campus as the second-best QB prospect on the list.