Arcadegeddon review: a genre shooter from which it is difficult to break away


Arcadegeddon is a third–person shooter from the developer IllFonic, the creators of Predator: Hunting Grounds, in which elements of shooters of different genres are combined into an exciting game cycle. In a world dominated by entertainment giant FunFUNco (FFC), one arcade still exists, and its owner, Gilly, decides to create a game so wonderful that people return to arcades – Arcadegeddon. However, the FFC catches this and infects the game with a virus, which the player character, the Plugin, is sent to clean up.

The first thing that stands out in Arcadegeddon is its artistic design and aesthetics. It’s best described as a cross between Fortnite and the Osmosis Jones movie, and the gameplay is very similar to the first one. Everything from movement, camera position, aiming and shooting will feel right at home for Fortnite players, but Arcadegeddon has a couple of unique mechanics. Firstly, there is a sliding mechanic that has a good distance and deals damage to enemies and objects in its path. There is also a gauntlet that triggers splash abilities, which are special attacks with a cooldown period.

Arcadegeddon has character customization, which not only allows players to change clothes and skins on the fly, but also allows them to create equipment, choose their ability bursts, and equip passive abilities. All these elements work well together, and a good build is necessary to survive in adventure mode and complete all the tasks necessary to develop the plot and get the best equipment. As in “Return”, players will go through different battle arenas and must complete certain tasks to continue, but this is not a bagel. Instead, players must complete increasingly difficult stages in one pass to complete the challenges, and if the challenge is not completed after the player’s death, his progress is reset for the next pass.

Challenges are available in two ways, the first of many gangs that the player must hire to fight back against the FFC. Each gang has a set of challenges that will not only gain their loyalty when they are completed, but will also give unique cosmetic items and rewards for completing additional challenges. The second way is to complete daily tasks, which are a bit more intense, but earn players a place on the leaderboard if their run is good enough. In Arcadegeddon, there are many ways to spice up each level to keep the player fresh and interested.

A wide variety of fancy and animated weapons can be found in colored chests, the colors of which correspond to the rarity and quality of weapons. At the macro level, each stage consists of arenas that require players to complete a specific task, such as surviving a wave of enemies, destroying crashes and capturing various points, among other things. As you progress through the stages, more enemies appear to complicate the task and add much-needed variety. The last element is optional boss battles, which become available when certain progress is achieved. To start the battle, players must destroy the crystal and jump through the portal. The difficulty of the fights depends on the load of the players, and after the battle is over, the stage ends and moves on to the next one.

There are a few mistakes, such as attaching the aiming aid to the box and camera drift, but there are few of them and they are not a serious obstacle to the gameplay. Arcadegeddon is a strong game that has something to offer, and after the launch there will be even more. Players can count on an ever-evolving game that is addictive and easy to get in and out of.