ARC Raiders postponed to 2023


Back in 2018, the CEO of DICE and the chief designer of Electronic Arts left the company to create a completely new one. After Patrick Soderlund resigned from his position at EA and founded Embark Studios, he began teasing a new project that was in development. Little information was provided about this project prior to its announcement at The Game Awards in 2021. This project was known as a third-person multiplayer sci-fi PvE shooter known as ARC Raiders.

The first trailer for ARC Raiders at The Game Awards showcased most of the game, as well as the main threat. This threat is an invading force of aliens who are titled Arcs, mechanical in nature. The other half of the title is represented by players who are part of a group of resistance fighters, appropriately named Raiders. Although Embark Studios announced that this game would be released in 2022, when it was revealed, the game would be missing this window and it would be delayed until 2023.

This delay was announced on the game’s official Twitter account, where the developers note that they want the game to reach its full potential with ambitious ideas. This extra time provided due to this delay will be used to polish the game and expand on what has been done. More detailed information about ARC Raiders will be published later, although the report notes that the multiplayer PvE gameplay caused a lot of excitement.

It was noted that many of the responses to the post were positive, and fans urged developers not to rush into creating the game. Some expressed their excitement despite the move to next year, while others noted that they had anticipated this as there had been nothing new at The Game Awards since the announcement of ARC Raiders last year.

From what has been shown so far, the enemies will be of various shapes and sizes, starting small, with a drone that will be easy prey for players. Over time, they will begin to turn into even larger drones that can rain bullets on a group of players, and one of the biggest enemies will be a giant crab-like mech. To overcome these mechanical threats, the Raiders need to use teamwork and collaborative tactics to succeed using operational strategies, game physics and the environment.

ARC Raiders will be a free game on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S in 2023.


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