AR on the phone with the new update


Google has announced its new development for popular technology AR (augmented reality), the use of which will increase further in the coming years. For the prevalence of AR technology, Google Play Services now supports LG V60, Moto G8 series, Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and more.

Google’s ARCore is a (SDK) software development kit that allows developers to add augmented reality features to applications. Since each device has a different camera and sensor setting, it was very important to make the calibration correctly for the AR features to work properly. However, now the scope of the software development kit has been extended. Google made this change available under the name “Google Play Services for AR”. Google is getting more and more devices getting support and continues to expand the list. Now many devices have gained official support for ARCore.

Many phones will have access to Google Maps Live View mode
All specified devices now work as expected with ARCore. Google provides ARCore certification for AR developers based on camera quality, motion sensors and design architecture. On the other hand, the phone must have a sufficiently powerful CPU integrated with the hardware to provide good performance and effective real-time calculations.

If you have one of these supported devices and want to see augmented reality apps, you can experience it now. Google Play Services for AR will automatically update your device. However, you can download the APK yourself and make manual updates. You can download the file here.

Thanks to the new development, you can download and use the Live View mode of Google Maps or any AR supporting application.

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Phones supported by Google Play Services for AR
Kyocera Torque G04
LG G Pad 5 10.1 ″ FHD
LG V60 ThinQ
Motorola Moto G8 Play
Motorola Moto G8 Plus
Motorola Moto G8 Power (aka Moto G Power)
Motorola Moto G8 Power Lite
Motorola Moto G Stylus
Motorola One Hyper
Motorola One Macro
OPPO Reno2 F
Samsung Galaxy A70s
Samsung Galaxy A71
Samsung Galaxy M30s
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite
Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
Sharp AQUOS sense3
Sharp AQUOS sense3 plus
Sharp AQUOS zero2
Sony Xperia 1 Professional Edition
Vivo Nex 3
Vivo Nex 3 5G


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