Aquaman 2: What is Necrus? All about the lost realm of the DC universe!


Aquaman 2: The new film from the lord of the oceans, Aquaman 2 (Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom), must take place in a lost civilization – the kingdom of Necrus, which is already known by fans who follow the comics. A photo published last week by the director of the two films in the DC franchise, James Wan, featured the kingdom’s name on a clapperboard, which confirmed the location of Aquaman’s second adventure, played by Jason Momoa, on the big screen.

But what do we know about Necrus? Check it out below!

What is Necrus in the Aquaman Universe?

In the comics, Necrus is a kingdom with limited appearance throughout history. It’s a citadel lost at the bottom of the sea, like Atlantis – ruled by a tyrant named Mongo. In the DC movie, Necrus may be the lost kingdom that gives the production its name. The city’s history in the comic book can answer many questions – and exploring this lost realm further can help unlock the secrets of the Aquaman 2 movie sequel.

Necrus first appears in Aquaman #30 (published December 1966). The kingdom is the second domed city to appear under Earth’s oceans, after Atlantis. But unlike the latter, Necrus has a much more unstable status. The bizarre city only exists on the material plane for a brief period of time – when an alien satellite enters Earth’s orbit. The planet’s magnetic field triggers a device that opens a hole in dimensional space, from which the realm of Necrus arises.