Aquaman 2: Randall Park Ensures His Return


The actor played Dr. Stephen Shin in the first installment

Although the film Aquaman presented Orm as the main villain, Black Manta was also present as one of the obstacles to overcome.

Despite his imminent defeat, in one of the final scenes we see how this villain has an encounter with a character who had maintained a very secondary role in the film, Dr. Stephen Shin.

Randall Park , actor who plays this character, says he is ready to return in the sequel.

During an interview in which the actor gave details about his participation in the Disney series + ” WandaVision” , the actor said he would also be participating in the sequel to the aquatic hero.

“Yes, it is surreal because I grew up collecting comics, I was a big Marvel fan … And then on top of this being in the same year in Aquaman and playing a character who was in the Marvel Universe, I mean he was quite surreal.”

Despite not giving many details, he assured that his presence in ” Aquaman 2 ” would be with a deeper story.


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