April on Netflix: La Casa de Papel 4 and more streaming debuts


Netflix Brasil has released a list of highlights of its programming for the month of April. The phenomenon La Casa de Papel, which returns with its Part 4, is the major launch of the platform for its subscribers during this period.

The streaming also offers new seasons of popular programs, such as The Walking Dead, Blindspot and The Last Kingdom; and comedian Ricky Gervais returns with new episodes of After Life.

In April, Netflix also offers culinary titles, plus productions from Studio Ghibli, as well as classic films like Tubarão, Clube dos Cinco and Forrest Gump.

Check out the full list of Netflix highlights for April. It is worth mentioning that titles and release dates may be changed by the platform without prior notice.

La Casa de Papel: Part 4 (day 3)
The Professor’s plan goes off the record and puts lives at risk. Now, thieves will have to face enemies inside and outside the Bank of Spain.

Brewers Brothers (day 10)
These two brothers know everything about beer production, but they don’t know anything about family relationships.

Blind Spot: 4th season (day 11)
FBI agent Kurt Weller follows clues hidden in the tattoos of a woman with amnesia to uncover a conspiracy.

The Walking Dead: Season 9 (15th)
With the end of the war, Rick hopes that the survivors will be able to overcome the differences. But the danger comes from all sides and threatens the newly won peace.

Outer Banks (15th)
A group of teenagers discover an ancient secret and embark on an unforgettable adventure.

Fauda: 3rd season (day 16)
Doron controls a young boxer during a long secret mission in search of a Hamas leader.

The Midnight Gospel (20th)
Based on interviews from the Duncan Trussell Family Hour podcast, this animated series follows a space presenter on a journey through the galaxy in search of the meaning of life.

Bizarre Planet (day 22)
A cast of weird animals and Mother Nature herself narrate this fun scientific series, which explores the lives of the most incredible animals on Earth.

After Life: Season 2 (24th)
The drama series accompanies the widower Tony (Ricky Gervais). In season 2, he still struggles with suffering for the loss of his wife, but already tries to treat his friends better.

The Last Kingdom: Season 4 (day 26)
Eduardo and Aethelflaed debate the future of Mercia and the dream of a united England. Uhtred tries to regain his birthright.

I never … (day 27)
Comedy about the life of an American teenager daughter of Indians, inspired by the childhood of comedian, actress and screenwriter Mindy Kaling.

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For those who like to cook
Sent well (1st day)
With the most beloved presenters and the most delicious mess, Mandou Bem is back. Get ready: here anyone – anyone can win in the kitchen.

Boa recipe (day 20)
Chefs compete to leave crazy presenters and guests with their cannabis-based cuisine, watered with tetrahydrocannabinol infusions and cannabidiol sauces.

Cooking with Nadiya (day 29)
In this gastronomy series, Nadiya Hussain brings brilliant tips, fantastic ingredients and quick delights, ideal for saving time without spoiling your appetite.

A Trainee (1st day)
Stressed by the fashion world, businesswoman Jules (Anne Hathaway) receives help and inspiration from those who least expected it: Ben (Robert De Niro), a widowed and septuagenarian intern.

Miss Sympathy 2: Armed and Powerful (1st)
Following her success at the Miss United States event, FBI agent Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock) goes back into action when the contest winner and the host are kidnapped.

Coffee & Kareem (day 3)
A good policeman, Coffee tries to be nice to his girlfriend’s son and ends up discovering a criminal conspiracy. Now, the trouble is certain.

La Casa de Papel: The Phenomenon (day 3)
Understand why, throughout the world, La casa de papel has sparked a wave of enthusiasm for a charismatic group of thieves and their teacher.

One Love, Thousand Weddings (10th day)
In different versions of the same day, Jack faces difficult guests, unbridled chaos and a potential romance at his sister’s wedding.

The Great Fight (day 10)
Armed with a magic mask, an 11-year-old boy enters a wrestling competition. Much confusion is coming!

Tigertail (day 10)
In New York, Grover (Tzi Ma) reflects on a love of the past and his departure from Taiwan, where he would return years later with his daughter Angela.

Atomic (day 12)
With the death of yet another spy, Agent Lorraine Broughton must find an important missing document, find out who the traitor is and still get out of this alive. With Charlize Theron, James McAvoy and John Goodman.

The Stranger We Love (day 12)
During the U.S. Civil War, a soldier takes refuge in a girls’ school. Their arrival awakens sexual tensions, causes disputes and ends the peace of the place. Direction by Sofia Coppola. With Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst and Elle Fanning.


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