April Fool’s joke as a solution to those living in the socket


Oppo has announced a technology called true wireless charging technology. The technology, which seems to end lives connected to the socket, looks pretty good. This move, which looks like a April Fool’s joke, is thought to wink at true wireless charging technology.

Although many events are delayed due to the Corona virus, technology companies continue to offer their devices with online broadcasts without interrupting their devices. Oppo Reno also included a very important charging technology that can be used on new phones with a video published on YouTube.

Oppo true wireless charging technology
The company, which first unveiled its new smartphone model, Oppo Ace Infinity, made us take the first look for FreeVOOC, the new wireless charging technology that will come with its new phone. Although the video released before April 1 is confusing, the possibility of being real seems quite fun.

So what is said to be useful if this wireless charging technology is real? First of all, thanks to FreeVOOC, your smartphone can be charged even 10 meters away.

In this way, the life of the people who have to establish a close relationship with the outlet seems to be beautiful. Because this wireless charging technology, which allows you to charge your phone remotely, is very useful.

This technology, which does not have to connect you to a fixed place, has also been on the agenda of the technology sector for a while.

Oppo also refers to the move, which he calls charging technology, the true wireless charging technology. Although there is no information about the new phone we heard of Oppo Ace Infinity, we think the biggest joke of the phone is that it will be true wireless charging technology.

As stated by the company in the video, the charging technology called FreeVOOC seems to allow your phone to be able to charge wirelessly in a range of 5 or 10 watts up to a distance of 10 meters.

Although the technology in question is excited, this promotional video, which was shared on 31 March 2020, may even be a joke since it coincided with 1 April. Still, we hope the true wireless charging technology will be real.


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