April 1: ‘Zoom Royale’ promises strong emotions


Can’t stand more remote meetings in which the noise of construction works in the background hinders the understanding of important information passed on by colleagues and interruptions occur all the time? So, it’s time to have some fun with Zoom Royale, which offers a frantic virtual battle for your work team. The initiative, announced by the company in partnership with IGN this Thursday (April 1), came to give a gas to these meetings – and is nothing more than a catch, of course.

“It is the first game of its kind. One hundred people are played in a call and must try to control the discussions. To achieve this, they will have to fight!”, Jokes the company, showing, in the ‘launch’ video, common situations faced by professionals on the platform. Punctuation and animation features illustrate the development of chats.

Those who leave microphones on the mute lose points, do not wear pants, are interrupted by family members, use improper filters and share screens in which dubious content comes into focus, embarrassing everyone. Those who stay at the top, in turn, unlock various resources.

Do you think who wins who stays in the room until the end wins? It is better to rethink this idea. Check it out below.

Laughing not to cry!

Obviously, all of this is part of a constant process of adaptation, driven by the pandemic and the expansion of the home office. So, inspired by the Battle Royale genre, Zoom decided to approach, with good humor, generally embarrassing moments.

Even if it is a Fool’s Day action, the suggestion remains: take some things less seriously so that everyone continues their tasks more lightly and knowing that, even annoying a colleague or another from time to time, good laughs guarantee an environment of much more interesting virtual work.


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