April 1: PS1 Bloodborne is canceled and will be a kart game


Independent developer Lilithium Powered Witch, which is producing the Bloodborne demake for PlayStation One, confirmed last Thursday (1) the creation of a kart title on the same graphics engine and universe, as part of an April 1 prank. .

The revelation was made through a thread where videos of Bloodborne Kart were shared. At first, the game’s creator had joked with its followers when stating that Bloodborne PSX was officially canceled and replaced by the racing title, but after giving that slight mockery the dev officially announced the game as an extra and “secret” version of the version of PS1. Check the wire below.

In the images, it is possible to observe the hunter competing against a “twin” in the middle of the streets and tunnels of Yharnam, who compete for positions in a system with the same mechanics as Mario Kart and his derivatives, and must collect discernment throughout the scene. Bloodborne Kart also comes with a Clerical Beast easter egg, which appears raging in the center of a portion of the track.

The event will be titled Pthumerian Cup, and will be part of the final version of Bloodborne PSX, which still remains to be released. Fortunately, its development has been showing significant advances, and Lilithium Powered Witch constantly updates its social networks with new videos and demos of resource adaptations.

What did you think of the kart mode? Have you ever imagined the beasts of Bloodborne competing with each other? Leave your opinion in the comments.


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