Apps Start Planning New Payment Methods On iOS


iOS app developers are already looking to adapt to upcoming new App Store policies that reduce the company’s fee collection.

According to CNBC, several companies specializing in building software with a version for mobile devices are studying “options” to indicate new forms of payment that do not go through Apple’s system.

It is not yet possible to know which forms will be accepted by the company, but several alternatives are in preparation.

What will change?

In the judgment between Apple and Epic Games, one of the decisions of the judge responsible for the case indicates that Apple will have to allow the inclusion of links in applications and messages “indicating the existence of alternative payment methods” in addition to the App Store itself. In this way, it will be possible to install, subscribe and normally use the services without depending on platform fees, which can reach 30% of microtransactions and subscriptions.

The measurements start to take effect from December 7, 2021, but there are still no practical details on how this will work on iOS. So companies with Paddle are devising various ways to direct the consumer in the app to a website that allows them to request a subscription — something that has not been allowed until now by the company.


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