Apps Closing Alone On iPhone: How To Solve


iPhone: As much as the iPhone is an alternative for those looking for a smartphone with a good performance, it is not without common operating system problems: applications closing by themselves during use.

Today, TecMundo brings a series of solutions that can work around this problem on iPhones. Check out:

1. Close and reopen the application

The first way to try to solve the problem is to close and open the crashing application again. For this, there are two methods: on devices that have the home button (iPhone 8 and previous models), press it twice to pop up applications that are open. Then swipe sideways until you find the program that isn’t working properly and drag it up to close it.

With newer models (iPhone X and later), on the main screen, slide your finger from the bottom to the top and stop in the middle of the screen. When open applications appear, swipe to the side until you find the program that isn’t working properly. Then just drag it up to close it.


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