AppLock: block apps on your Android phone


On certain occasions, the conventional security standard of your Android phone may not be enough and the user may want an additional layer of protection that goes beyond a password, PIN, biometrics or drawing pattern on the screen.

This can happen when you use a corporate cell phone that passes other people, for example, or let members of your family touch the device without you being around – like a child who wants to use the smartphone to play games, for example, but may end up clicking where you shouldn’t and shopping or accessing private documents.

For these cases, one of the alternatives is AppLock, an already established and useful tool for Google’s mobile operating system.

Getting to know the service

Developed by DoMobile and one of the most praised in the segment, AppLock is an application that allows you to add an extra security code for you to access services, tools or documents on your phone.

With it, you can add a password, a drawing pattern on the screen or a fingerprint on these files.

The service operates with whole applications, such as your email client or online stores with your registered card, even files separated by format – photos and videos, for example. You can even prevent new apps or games from being installed or uninstalled from the Google Play Store.

The AppLock also offers a kind of “trap”: if you enable the use of the device’s camera, it is able to take a picture of who is trying unsuccessfully to access data that is protected by the tool.

As an extra feature, it is also possible to use a built-in browser that has Anonymous Mode as a standard and also ensures navigation through social networks without tracking user data. The AppLock also features customized skins to change the look of your cell phone protection (some of them paid for) and a power saving mode to help the device’s battery last longer.


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