Applications to track the results of the 2020 US Elections


4 years ago no one expected the result. Because 4 years ago Donald Trump, the same controversial American tycoon, businessman and celebrity and influencer before those terms became fashionable – he has been so since the 80s – became the most controversial president that the United States has had, in an electoral process that has been recognized as ‘altered’ by a plethora of hackers of Russian nationality who influenced the result.

2020 US elections to the Presidency

But let’s leave that behind. Today, 4 years later, the world is mired in the Coronavirus. Trump has destroyed the United States and has behaved by running the country as if it were another of his businesses, distributing tow and controversy on social networks and wherever they have left him. And in recent polls even Republicans turn their backs on him, pointing out some that they would rather “vote for a tuna sandwich” than Trump again.

In the other corner is Joe Biden, vice president of the country at the time of the long-awaited Barack Obama, and the Democratic alternative that promises to fix the country and get it out of the sad record numbers of Coronavirus infection that Trump has plunged. Who will win? We don’t know, but we can bring you some applications for your mobile so that you can follow the electoral process.

US Election 2020 – Android

Election polls, debates, candidate margins and much more, organized in one place, the US Election 2020 – Election Polls and Results app allows you to monitor the North American electoral process with live updates, voting percentages, the latest trends among the polling stations, count, etc.

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All survey sources and data are publicly available and linked as “sources” in the app. Survey data is collected from official sources such as Ipsos, Reuters, Economist, Optimus, YouGov, Harvard, and Yahoo News.

Download US Election 2020 – Election Polls and Results

Election Results and Lates Polls – Android

Another app to stay up-to-date with the latest poll results and all things related to the 2020 US elections, the Election Results and Lates Polls app that brings the results of the elections up to Election Day. The app allows you to know:

– The Map of the 2020 presidential elections

– The latest electoral polls

– Battlefields: Trump vs. Biden

– The level of approval of the US public about the administration of Donald Trump

– Democratic primary polls

– The latest news

– The latest polls of the Senate elections

– Candidate biographies

– The Map of the 2020 Senate elections

– The 2020 House of Representatives Elections Map

Download US Election 2020 – Election Results and Lates Polls

Election 2020 Updates – iOS

An app that not only shows you the last hour regarding the vote count and results, but also news about the electoral process, Election 2020 Updates even has its own voting system to know the number of users who are going to vote for one or the other candidate, an anonymous system in which only one vote per mobile device is allowed.


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