Application Translating Cats: MeowTalk


The application called MeowTalk, published recently, promises to translate what cats want to tell when they meow. Since the application uses machine learning, the more it is used, the more accurate the results.

The application named “MeowTalk”, developed by Akvelon, whose technical program manager Javier Sanchez, one of the former engineers of Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, promises to translate the meow of cats into human language.

According to scientific researches, cats do not have a stable language, unlike many animals. For this reason, the sound a cat uses to express its hunger to its owner may differ from the sound of another cat for the same purpose.

Developing MeowTalk in the light of these data, Akvelon has created a database supported by artificial intelligence, created and developed by the user, instead of creating a fixed database for the application in question.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the database records the sounds that cats make regularly and determines different labels for them. Since the application is machine learning supported, the more it is used, the more accurate it starts to give.

For now, only “Feed me!”, “I’m angry!”, “Leave me alone!” There are 13 different words or phrases that we can swear that each cat passes through, but cannot prove.

Javier Sanchez states that MeowTalk’s ultimate goal is to develop a smart collar. The smart collar in question will analyze the sound when your cat meow and convey what your cat wants to tell you. However, for now, we can say that MeowTalk is far from this goal.


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