Application that understands cats has been developed


A former Amazon Alexa engineer developed an application called MeowTalks. The application records the meow of the cats and tries to determine the meaning under it. On the other hand, users are helping to create some kind of database by tagging sounds similar to translation.

MeowTalks tells you what your cat wants

Studies show that cats, unlike their owners, do not share a common language. Therefore, rather than a general database, the translation of the application differs for each user. This is possible when the artificial intelligence and machine learning software developed for the application can record and label the voices and understand each cat’s voice better. There are 13 different words such as ‘Leave me alone, I’m angry, Feed’ in the vocabulary of the current application.

MeowTalks kedinizin ne dediğini size söylüyor

Javier Sanchez, the developer of the app and group technical program manager at Akvelon, said in a webinar he organized that the ultimate goal was to develop a smart collar. Thus, the voice of the cat will be instantly translated with the smart leash. Thus, the owner will understand what he wants. “I think this is particularly important right now, because there are people who have locked themselves home with their cats because of the whole pandemic. This will enable them to communicate with their cats or at least understand their cat’s intent, ”he underlined the importance of the practice.

Since it is still in the early stages of development, you can access the application with bugs for free, both in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.


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