Application like a teacher from Google!


In 2016, Google established an incubation center called Google Area 120. A new application has emerged from Area 120, which was established to evaluate projects initiated by Google employees at an early stage. The application called Tangi, which contains 60 seconds of videos, took its place in the application market as an experimental social video sharing application. With the Google Tangi application, users will explain useful information by video.

Will teach with Google Tangi application
The application called Tangi, a product of Google Area 120, started broadcasting. In the application, which is not yet active in our country, there are 60-second videos on many subjects from handicrafts to make-up and style tips. We can say that users who love Pinterest with Google Tangi promise TikTok or YouTube experience.

Users of the application can access DIY (Do It Yourself) content in many different categories. It is among the remarkable details of the application for the absence of the technology category for now.

Another remarkable detail is that the application is only available on the iOS operating system. Android users have to use the website to access the application.

Tangi is especially appealing to users who want to get the information they want in a short time instead of watching videos that take 20 minutes or more to learn something. Does he take away the throne of YouTube in this respect? For now, we do not know this. There is also a tendency for Google to start a service and remove it quickly. Feedback from users is extremely important here. We can say that the future of Tangi and whether it will be available in other countries will depend on whether the application is liked or not.


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