Application to Decoup Real Objects in Seconds and Transfer them to Photoshop (Video)


A developer has developed futuristic software that can cut back background and insert it into a Photoshop study thanks to machine learning of an object displayed with a smartphone camera.

A French designer and software developer named Cyril Diagne has developed extraordinary software that can decompose every shot taken with a smartphone camera in seconds and transfer it into a Photoshop study.

For example, you are designing in a Photoshop program and you need a flower picture. With this application, you can transfer the image of a real world flower to your project in seconds. All you have to do is open the application and view the desired object with the camera.

Software that separates objects from the background and transfers them to Photoshop with machine learning
The software detects the object thanks to machine learning and clears the background by decoupling it in seconds. Then you hold the phone on your computer screen and that image is instantly transferred to the Photoshop project. Offering an impressive perspective to the future of design and image editing, the software also attracted great attention in social media.

In another video shared by Diagne, it is seen that the paintings hanging on the wall are transferred to the computer screen in motion after photographing. This means that the application in question may support not only Photoshop but also video editing applications in the future.

Meanwhile, it is worth mentioning that the software in question is at least just an experimental study at this stage, but the fact that LIDAR sensors and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies find themselves more places in smartphones can enable this and similar software to enter our lives quickly. Since the application is experimental, there is no direct downloadable APK file, but anyone who wishes can access the GitHub page to download and install the application files here.


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