Application You Can Easily Color Black and White Photos


It is no longer a difficult task to return the photos that have remained in the archive and faded to their original state. We explained what you need to do to color images using Google Colab.

From time to time, we may come across photographs that turn black or white or old colors from old boxes or albums. Recoloring these photos is now easy with Google Colab.

Thanks to this service, it is possible to color old photographs and look at historical moments in a different way. Although the system does not always provide perfect results, it provides very satisfactory photographs.

How does Google Colab work?
Google Colab is actually a cloud computing service. The service makes it possible to perform operations that our normal computer will not remove at once. The system develops while working, as it is based on deep learning.

The system called deep learning is known as a dual virtual network structure that develops by learning from the success or failure of artificial intelligence. One of them is making a fake (or coloring etc.) of something while the other is trying to determine how realistic the sample is.

There are millions of photographs uploaded to the system by Google engineers. System; he recognizes light, colors, objects from these photographs. So when he sees them again, he can recolor the photos according to the appropriate light.

How to use Google Colab?
Although the work to be used to use the system seems to require some coding, it is actually not relevant. In a Python-based system, all you have to do is make a few clicks.

Here’s what you need to do to use Google Colab:
Log in to your Google account.
If you are going to color photos here, if you are going to color videos, continue here.
Now we will tick some boxes, the first is the [] pane next to the import torch script. Click here.
Check the two boxes in the Git clone and install DeOldify section.
In the Setup section, select the number 4! Pip install -r colab_requirements.txt option. Wait until it loads. Repeat the process for import fastai,! Mkdir ‘models’ and colorizer options.
Scroll to the Colorize section. Put the link of the image in the source_url section. If it’s a personal image, upload it to a place where you can delete it first, such as Imgur.
Scroll to the Render factor section. Here, the lower the number, the more colorful the visual.
You can see the places you will mark in the image above.
What you need to do is that simple. So you can recolor your old photos.


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