Application calculates how old you will live


Researchers at the University of East Anglia (UEA) have developed an application that allows users to calculate their life expectancy, MyLongevity. Using data from residents aged 60 and over in England and Wales, the app takes into account problems such as high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol and smoking to determine how many more years a person can live.

Even requesting the user’s location, the app warns that “younger people and from other countries should interpret the results with caution. For the youngest, we provide life expectancy on the assumption that they will survive until the age of 60, maintaining all their current demographic and health characteristics ”. (The data used in the development of the app refer to 2017, that is, before the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus).

“People are interested in their life expectancy, but it is not just out of morbid curiosity. It is considered in long-term planning, as in retirement. It can also help people to make healthy lifestyle changes, ”explained researcher Elena Kulinskaya, from the School of Computer Science at UEA and a leader in developing the app.

Less than half a century of life

Still restricted to the UK, the app is expected to expand to other regions, in addition to incorporating data after 2017.

Today, the global life expectancy (how long, on average, members of a given population can expect to live) is 71.4 years, on average – in Brazil, it is 75.46 years. In the MyLongevity area, every child is born with the expectation of living more than 80 years.

Life expectancy depends a lot on the place of birth and growth, on living and housing conditions. If those born in Andorra have a chance of reaching 84.8 years, in Lesotho life expectancy is almost half that value: 48.8 years.


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