AppleShows ‘Preview’ Of The New Interface Of IOS 15 For iPhone


AppleShows: This week, Apple released a preview of the new accessibility features that will arrive on its integrated system, iOS, in the coming months. In this context, interestingly, some enthusiasts have observed discreet changes in the “Adjustments” application interface that may indicate what Apple expects for the future design of its ecosystem.

Subtle, the changes found are likely to be clearer when seen in conjunction with the rest of the supposed iOS 15 interface. In this case, it is possible to notice that the cell of the option “Sounds in the Background” is rounded and counts only your title, unlike the previous model, which displayed a full text of the action to be performed when toggling the selector switch.

In addition, the look of the notification bar also appears to have been modified, as it appears to be merging with the design of the applications, as occurs in the Android system.

Although not entirely new, being also present in the “Settings” application of iPadOS, the modifications have not yet arrived for iOS and have not been implemented properly in the entire interface. However, it is worth mentioning that the change was not confirmed by the company and, in addition, the images may be a mockup (idea) and not a screenshot of the system in operation.


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