Apple’s smart speaker HomePod gets new features


Apple has released HomePod Software version 14.1. With this update, the doorphone function and other new features are added to Apple’s smart speaker. These innovations will also be available in HomePod mini, which will be released next month.

Thanks to the intercom function, which is the most important innovation of the 14.1 update, it is possible to use HomePod in home communication. Messages can be sent to specific rooms or regions in the network.

With the update, HomePod also gains new Siri-focused features. Users can stop alarms, counters and media contents on different devices. After asking the HomePod for a location, it becomes possible to see Siri suggestions on the Map app. Search results can also be sent from HomePod to iPhone. Voice recognition support is also available for more than one user in podcasts.

The latest update for Apple HomePod generally optimizes the Siri experience. Users are also given the opportunity to change their alarms with songs from their personal library, or songs they choose from a list or radio in Apple Music. The new HomePod mini will be available for pre-order on November 6 at a price of $ 99.


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