Apple’s Shocking Ad Released 36 Years Ago and Telling Today


The year is 1984; We are at a time when people do not need computers or even fear them. Apple, on the other hand, has only one problem to introduce the new computer Macintosh, which everyone intends to enter. Home people do not take anything they fear. For this, it is necessary to convince them and this is the best advertisement in the world.

In order for anything to be the best in the world, it is necessary to evaluate it objectively. In terms of advertising, the best in the world is Apple’s Macintosh advertisement, which was released 36 years ago. This commercial, which was broadcast only once on January 20, 1984, when the product was promoted on television, was repeatedly selected as the best in the world.

We will tell you what makes this commercial important, how it goes beyond a firm or a product and revolutionizes it, but it would be a mistake to evaluate all of these according to today’s conditions. We go a little past, understand the conditions of that day.

We recommend you to consider the following points while watching the ad and reading the rest of the article:
Founded in 1911, IBM is the world’s largest company.
Big Blue is the nickname of IBM among the public.
It has been 8 years since Apple has been installed, and its only product is a personal computer.
At the same time, IBM is Apple’s biggest rival.
Computers for humans are not a personal tool, but an eerie technology. For this reason, it is not very preferred.
There is no computer even in every house and school.
The Internet, like quantum computers, is known to very few people, it has no users.
The telephones are just wired unshielded vehicles that we use at home.
The most common mass media is television.

Steve Jobs developed a new computer named Macintosh after he failed with the computer model named Lisa developed by Apple, but this time he did not want to fail. In order to sell more computers, it was necessary to break people’s fears about technology, to convince them of innovation. He had to make a shocking plan for that.

According to Steve Jobs, IBM was a company that “wanted to own everything, an anti-liberty sovereign, trying to take over weapons and industry.” According to Jobs’ definition, IBM, the Great Blue, as it is known to the public, looked like the Big Brother character who owns everything in George Orwell’s One Nine Hundred and Eighty Four books. Jobs had an ingenious commercial film. So people who wanted to sell their computers would know IBM no longer Big Blue, but Big Brother.

An agreement was made with Ridley Scott, the director of science fiction movies such as Alien and Blade Runner. His books of one thousand nine hundred and eighty four were taken as reference. The advertisement film was completed with a total cost of 2 million dollars.

Macintosh advertisement of Apple in 1984:


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