Apple’s Share Value Exceeds $ 500


Apple shares, which saw the level of $ 224 in the stock market in March, exceeded the $ 500 level as of today. The shares are expected to gain even more value after the company’s promotional event next month.

US-based technology giant Apple had said hello to a difficult year with the new type of coronavirus outbreak that broke out late last year. After days full of the closure of factories in China due to quarantine and disruptions in the production network, the US firm ran to a new record in the stock market today.

Having earned the title of being the first company to surpass $ 1 trillion in valuation in the stock market in 2018, Apple has been gaining value in the stock market since March of this year. In this context, Apple’s shares, whose market value has reached a value of 2 trillion dollars in the past days, has managed to exceed the $ 500 threshold as of today.

Apple shares exceed the $ 500 level:

Starting the day at $ 514.79, Apple shares reached their highest level with $ 515.14 after declining to $ 495.74 during the day. Shares currently traded in the market at $ 502.07 saw an increase of 2% compared to yesterday.

Apple shares declined to a level of $ 224 in March this year. Apple, which has more than doubled its stock price since its lowest level, wants to further increase its market value by introducing the next generation iPhone and other technological devices in September. At this point, new iPhones are expected to be announced with a new generation Apple Watch and a new iPad model.

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Apple will go for a four-share split later this month:

Apple currently has 4,275,634,000 stocks traded on the stock exchange. When we multiply each of these shares by the list price of $ 502, a huge market value of about $ 2.13 trillion is revealed for Apple.

At the end of this August, Apple will go for a four-to-one stock split to make its shares available to more investors. Anyone holding a single $ 500 share after the split will have four shares at the $ 125 level as of August 31. This situation will not affect the market value of the company.


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