Apple’s Self-Repair Foldable Screen Patent


It turned out that Apple is working on a new screen technology. A new patent from the company shows that Apple is working on a display that is both foldable and self-repairing. If this kind of screen technology becomes real, we may encounter iPhones with no permanent screen scratches.

A patent of US-based technology giant Apple that has been revealed today reveals that the company is working on a new screen technology. The patent in question, “Apple develops an iPhone with a foldable screen.” the kind to support their claims. However, the screen technology that Apple is working on has a completely different feature than being foldable.

According to Apple’s patent, the company continues to work on a foldable screen. While everything is normal up to this point, Apple also seems to be working on a technology that will allow this screen to repair itself. In other words, damages such as dents and scratches on the screen can be repaired by themselves. How will this be possible?

Scientists have already produced materials that can repair themselves. Apple is working on a technology that can use these materials on screens. In other words, Apple may one day, if not today, reveal screens that can indeed repair themselves.

The biggest problem of foldable screen phones is that the display panel is not durable. Technology manufacturers use very very thin panels to ensure that the screen can be folded. This causes problems such as the screen being unstable and being damaged very quickly. For this reason, Apple may want to make the screens more durable, at least self-repairing, before introducing a foldable iPhone.

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According to the information in Apple’s patent, the company’s new display technology will be able to repair itself with an external stimulus. The company says this stimulus can be elements such as electricity, light or heat. However, it is thought that the repair in question will not cover major damages such as broken or deep scratches, but small dents due to scratches or bumps.


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