Apple’s privacy labels will be available next month


Apple announced a number of privacy features that concern apps offered on the App Store when introducing iOS 14. One of these features was tags that show what type of data applications collect. The concept in question didn’t come into play when iOS was released on September 14. In a statement to the developers, Apple announced that the tags in question will become mandatory as of December 8.

Apple’s privacy label has a similar logic to labels showing nutritional values ​​on packaged foods. In this way, users will be able to get a more concrete idea of ​​what an application they download from the iOS or Mac App Store does. The tags will list what kind of data the application collects, and this tag will be clearly visible on the app’s page in the App Store.

Developers need to share this information so they can continue updating their apps and release new apps. It is unknown whether Apple will check the information provided by the developers here.

apple app store

For a long time, Apple has been very aggressively managing the permissions on what information applications that reach users through the App Store can access. With these new labels, the company offers users a preliminary information. Developers will be able to send the information that will be on the labels before December 8 to Apple.


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